Double Din head units from the States


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I really want to get a really nice double din head unit for my new tegger. The trouble is that they cost a fortune in Ireland and the UK for that matter. I was looking at a couple of websites and they are so cheap in the US but there is one problem. I have a very basic american headunit in my civic at the moment and the radio doesn't tune in properly.

In the US the radio frequencies are as follows
90.1, 90.3, 90.5, 90.7, 90.9, 100.1 etc
In Europe the radio frequencies are
90.05, 90.10, 90.15, 90.20, 90.25 etc

All the irish stations are on the even decimal numbers and I cant tune into any station properly. It is always fuzzy.

Is there any way around this problem?

Some of the headunits are just savage, this one is cd/md and you can have 700 different coloured lights by adjusting the red blue and green.



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wowy! bet there not cheap!

Ive got a Kenwood Cd/mps double din that mite sell if your intrested.

Will have more on it when the car arrives thursday hopefully :D