Engine Rattle Noise on Cold Start - Is this VTC Actuator? - What is the Risk?


Hi everyone,

I've been noticing this noise on the first start after a few hours. It is never truly a COLD start here in Jamaica, but I use cold start to mean the car has been off for a few hours. The noise / rattle usually lasts about 2-3 seconds.

If I turn over the engine for a few with the ignition off, then start, the duration of the noise is much shorter. I assume something to do with getting oil pumped up into the actuator that may have drained/leaked out.

I am just wondering a few things
1. Does it sound like the classic K series VTC actuator issue?
2. How at risk is my engine in its current state? What damage am I doing by not getting it sorted?
3. What parts other than the actuator itself would I be looking at changing? How can i get a definitive diagnosis before I go replacing/pulling down stuff?