FN2 Gearbox into DC5


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As the title says, has anyone tried this or mixed parts? My gearbox is really worn and I'm considering replacing it rather than repairing the box. As you may have guessed the FN2 box is cheaper and easier to find.

I know the transmission case is different but how different is it? Are the holes for the mount in the same position or not? What if I just use the DC5 transmission case bolted into the FN2 clutch case? Maybe it will bolt right in and just need shimming.

I have compared part numbers from JDM FN2 and the service manuals and found that:
  • The FN2 gear ratios are better than the DC5's, same 1st to 4th but longer 5th and 6th coupled with a shorter Final Drive (5.061) so the teg would pull better!
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears are the same P/N. 4th, 5th and 6th have different P/N
  • Mainshaft synchro sets have different P/N
  • 1st - 2nd synchro set shares P/N
  • The gears, collars and bearings all have the same thickness and clearances despite different P/N.
  • Mainshaft has different P/N but same diameters where it matters.
  • The countershaft has a different needle bearing diameter so it won't fit into the DC5 clutch case. It's also made for a 5.061 FD not 4.7 so it must mate to the 5.061 gear on the diff.
  • LSD has same P/N but different final gear.
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Subbed to this, would love to hear if you get a response in case I need to do work in the future