Getting brake dust off wheels


These photos are from September after an evening at Donington but washing the car again yesterday prompted me to finally post this as this front left wheel is irritating.

Does anybody have any tips on getting this brake dust off? First and second picture shows front right wheel before and after. All brake dust off and back to bright white.

Third picture shows the front left and it has a permanent shadow around the centre that I cannot shift for the life of me.

My normal method is a blast with water alone to get the initial load off, a wheel bucket with standard car shampoo inside, generally clears it up to 95% and then some bilberry wheel cleaner sprayed all over with a small detailing brush on the caliper and nuts to finish it off. I have tried to use iron fallout (awful smelling) strong stuff that makes your wheels "bleed" and really cuts through any remaining brake dust but it will not shift.

Any ideas? All other wheels are perfect. No idea what pads are on the car but I can only assume that the front left somehow has a different pad with an awful brake dust sticking compound in it.

Calipers could also do with a freshen up and a repaint. They are dull now and I reckon the iron fallout has caused this because they were bright red before I ever used it.



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A glue and tar remover can quite often shift any final stains. If not I would give it a light polish.

Also the fading of the calipers is most likely the heat built up from the track days. It's really difficult to get around the problem as most processes and paints are only good for spirited road driving. I'd be interested if anyone had found a solution to resist track temps on calipers paint/powder coating etc.

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Not sure if you’ve used bilt hamber auto wheels, best stuff I used on wheels cut right through brake dust on my last trackday


Carbon collective react hlsgould sort that. If not, try a light clay barring of the area

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