Importing a DC5


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Had a look around the forum but couldnt find anything.

Thinking about importing a dc5 through one of the big companies, probably Torque GT as they seem to have the best reviews.

Before I do id like to ask
1)How long roughly does the process take, from my innital approach to a company to the car being delivered?

2)How does it work out financially, I prefer the idea of a fresh import but would it be better financially to buy a secondhand car in the uk market?


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1. Perhaps 6 months, the supply of good DC5's is running out so it might take you a month or more to find the right car and successfully win. It might be worth calling or emailing TGT, they are very friendly and helpful. Some times they buy cars for stock so may have something.

2. Again TGT would be able to give you a price range for on the road in the UK. You can then compare. Usually a car in the UK is cheaper. The downside is you have the worry that if it has been in UK, used over winter and not cared for it could be a bit rusty.


I bought in Jan, just picking up this week - dvla strikes... Otherwise might of been June time so 5-6 months is about right