knocking noise


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Hi guys after some advice,
Have a knocking noise which seems to only happen when the car is pulling away on an incline, it's at its worse when reversing up my driveway with steering on a bit of lock, normally just 1 maybe 2 knocks as the clutch is released. Engine mounts have been replaced with vibra technics except from the front one. On a flat surface there is no noise and going on and of the throttle when on the move makes no noise.
Anybody else experienced this?
The car has always done this but the noise is getting louder, have previously checked subframe bolts and had a good look underneath for play in the arms etc but will get it up in the air soon to have another look.

Guessing it could still be the front engine mount or maybe top mounts, drive shaft or steering rack, any advice appreciated.



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What about bumpy roads? Any idea which side it's coming from?

Make sure the mounts are not loose but other than that could be anything. Shock top mounts, the shock top seat, ball joints, tie rod ends, anti roll bar and links, ABS module, brake booster, intermediary shaft bolts, side shaft nut on the hub, bla bla...

I've had it all, you'll have to check every nut and bolt. Old easily moved by hand end links and tie rod ends will clunk too irrespective of the condition of the boot.

carl hammond

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Could be top mount bearings, try just lifting the clutch slightly and steering very slowly to see if that knock happens, the top mount bearings went on mine once and the noise was one or two knocks when pulling away and the nothing when gaining speed.