My new DC5, TPS issue?


Hello all,

I recently purchased a 2004 DC5, 139kms on the clock, a very fresh car all around which was brought in from Tokoyo in 2017 and was mapped to 226BHP with a K100.
The car had been parked up for a few months in storage by the lad I bought the car off. So when driving the car it all seems good just its kind of kangooring/jumpy at about 1/4 to 1/2 trottle so I did a bit of looking into it and tested the signal voltage on the tps Fully closed it was 0.21v and the fully open it was 1.50v, this led me to believe the sensor was bad so I purchased the upgraded Acuity TPS and calibration harness. I installed the tps but the lowest I can get the signal voltage is 0.79 Fully closed. The car seems to be driving much better but it is now losing power for a second or 2 around half trottle or more and then comes back. There are no codes or EML on and when you bring trottle % up on the scan tool it seems to be a bit all over the place..? Any ideas on what this problem could be? Thanks in advance