Removing door panel


I'm having trouble removing the door panel. All clips are off, but there is a black block inside that seemed to be connected to the door handle.

Is there some clips or bolts inside that need to come off?

Help would be great



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Firstly unclip the piece of plastic that covers the mirror bolts (just pulls off)

Next undo the two screws under the the arm rest bit, they are up underneath the armrest.

Next, with a small flat bladed screwdriver remove the piece of plastic that is in the door handle enclosure. (you will see a little clip at the bottom of it)

This will then reveal two small black screws to remove.

Pull out the door handle and unclip the door handle wire from it. If it is the drivers door you will also have a small wiring loom connected to it for the anti hijack switch, just unclip this.

There is then another big screw behind where the door handle was, remove this one too.

You can now remove the door card but be careful as you will still have another wiring loom connected.

Once you have freed up the door card, lift it up over the plastic door lock pin and then unclip the remaining wiring loom.

Now have fun trying to pull out all the white plastic clips that decided to stay in the door rather than stay attached to the door card :evil:

Did this yesterday :lol:



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Thanks for that little nugget of info Matt!
Finally got round to fitting the front speakers you gave me.. Started to try without any help & nearly ended up destroying the door :lol: Resorted to a search on here & came up with one of your old posts!
Cheers mate ;)
btw enjoy the meet, i'll be enjoying my golf, but probably be wishing I was there too :lol: