Scuff mark on centre caps


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Hi all,

It's a minor issue but an annoying one nonetheless. I got my tyres changed last week (Michelins PS4's) and I noticed when cleaning the wheels this afternoon that the centre caps have some scuff marks on them. Obviously the garage have been a little careless when changing the tyres and have left marks on them and other small areas on the alloys.

My alloys will be getting refurbished next year so I am not overly sensitive about them but the centre caps are all new and if you've seen the price for genuine ones online then you'll know why it's a little frustrating!

I've obviously tried soap and water but is there anything I can use to remove the scuff marks?

Also is white alloys just a terrible colour for getting marks on?



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I've also found my championship white wheels very easily scratched but I've put a coat of wax on them which helps protect and makes them easy to clean.