Tegiwa Parcel Shelf


My DC5 doesn't have the tinted windows and because of that anyone could see in the boot, which wasn't ideal if you're leaving the car unattended. We all know that the DC5 Honda Access parcel shelves are getting almost impossible to find/very expensive, but it wasn't until a few days ago I noticed that Tegiwa are doing a copy of it now. It still isn't exactly cheap (about £160!) but its an alternative for anyone who can't find a genuine shelf.

I took one for the team and bought one a couple of days ago and first impressions are pretty good. It mounts with the same Honda OEM hooks (which are still available) and seems to do the job well enough. The fabric material is quite dark and does hide the boot contents fairly well. Is it worth £160? Of course not, but for those without tints / C-Pack your options are pretty limited.

I didn't even notice Tegiwa had added their own version so figured I'd let people know in case anyone else is having problems finding a Honda shelf!

Link for anyone interested: Here
Tegiwa Parcel Shelf.jpg