1. R

    What exhaust is best?

    I'm new to the Honda scene and have got a standard dc5 type R, what exhaust is best to go for? I would like to go for the mugen cat back but it is crazy price new! I don't want anything stupid loud, just a nice sound. What would you recommend?
  2. R

    To Keep Or Not To Keep? That is the question

    Hey Guys, When I bought my teg I was given all the original/genuine parts from factory. Radio, alloys, exhaust etc.. Since then Ive had a brand new radio, new custom exhaust and work emotion alloys installed My question is should I keep all the originals if I ever decide to sell the car...
  3. Mbk786

    Invidia Exhaust Cat Back - Any Good ? 2.5"

    Hey everyone, Im looking at this cat back exhaust for my dc5, the brand is INVIDIA... i have never heard of it and wondering if anyone knows about it and if its any good ? its a full catback system 2.5"
  4. LiamGTR

    MOT friendly options to get a little more voice from my exhaust?

    I'm sure I'm gonna get slated for this xredfinger Don't judge me :xgrphug: I have a 5Zigen ProRacer (which I wanna keep) and although on idle the 'burble' it gives off is very soothing, when driving anything under VTEC the car is pretty much silent :xno: No exaggeration. Now I definitely...
  5. P

    Kakimoto Regu 06&R

    I'm considering purchasing the above exhaust system to replace my buddyclub prospec system because for me its too loud on cold start up. Does anybody know how loud the regu is on cold start up? Is it much louder than the oem system?