1. G3AR1986

    MOT Advisories

    Hi all. Had my MOT today on my 2003 Integra Type R DC5 (WH03 BKA) and got an advisory for an oil leak, but not excessive [8.4.1 (a) (i) ]. In my ownership, the car hasn't really lost much engine oil. Only required a small top-up within the last 12 months. No stains on the driveway. Just...
  2. Matt @ Torque GT

    Parts, glorious parts!

    Hi everyone, I'm just here to introduce myself! I'm Matt, I work for Torque GT's Parts department. My job here for you all is to offer cracking deals on parts! We offer quality parts from across the globe, featuring brands such as Dixcel, Fujitsubo, Enkei and a huge range of Genuine Honda and...
  3. Mbk786


    Hey everyone, As most of you know i sold my DC5, Now i got a JDM EP3 K20A, Bottom end started knocking few days ago at around 2-3k, so taking the bottom end off to see where the damage is... Hoping its just the big end shells, So far we have taken off the subframe, sump, will be removing the...
  4. Mbk786

    Steering wheel shaking after 60MPH

    Okay so i fitted my new wheels and tyres on, got them all balanced; but my car was too low and it rubbed around corners (that was only the problem initially) so i fitted new tein springs which where a bit higher, and rubbing stopped, today i got my alignment done as it was out by loads and...
  5. Mbk786

    Eibach Pro Kit or Tein S Tech Lowering Springs ?

    Which ones do you lot recommend ? Eibach Pro Kit or the Tein S Tech ? I believe the Eibach's are 30mm drop... The Tein S Tech are 25mm on front and 20mm on rear... After best handling. Debating which one to choose as they both the same price. Thanks.
  6. Mbk786

    Invidia Exhaust Cat Back - Any Good ? 2.5"

    Hey everyone, Im looking at this cat back exhaust for my dc5, the brand is INVIDIA... i have never heard of it and wondering if anyone knows about it and if its any good ? its a full catback system 2.5"
  7. J

    "I don't even have a DC5" from Leicestershire, UK

    Hi everyone! My name is Jake and I'm from Leicestershire, UK. I've joined the forum for ideas, knowledge, chatting and banter. I'm currently still pottering about in my first car - a silver Honda Logo (GA3). It's not bad for a first car to be honest. Since it's no way near fast enough though...
  8. 1

    My Type-S from the US!

    Hey guys :xwavey: I'm a new guy here. I was trolling Tapatalk and came across this forum and figured I'd give it a go. I usually troll American Forums like K20A.Org and but I decided I'd come over here and give this forum a try. Anyways, here is my Milano Red, USDM Acura RSX...
  9. Mbk786

    Idling problem on my DC5, help ?

    Well basically, i have this idling problem in my car... I have tried everything, serviced the car, changed my oxygen sensor (as that was throwing a error light), cleaned the throttle body and idle control valve. Nothing has actually fixed it. When the car is stationary if i rev the car the...
  10. Mbk786


    I flashed on my high beams today whilst driving on about 60mph... And the car switched off and on again, all the lights came on, on the dash and went off. never happened before ?! Its stop doing it now, but it did this couple times today... any ideas ? thanks