1. Jdmpart_ind

    Gruppe M/Tegiwa air intake for K20A3 Automatic

    Hi friend, I would like to buy Gruppe M / Tegiwa ram air intake for my DC5 base grade K20A3 automatic, is anyone have been used this part? Is it suitable for K20A3 automatic engine? Thanks mate!
  2. Stuarty

    Milano Red DC5 - Stage 2 Enhancement Detail

    I'm starting up a thread about my detail which is currently being carried out by Arfan at ARDetails in Paisley, Glasgow. I've had the car since April of this year and even though it did clean up well after a good wash, a detail was always needed to get the...
  3. W

    Who Owns This Car? Please Help!

    Does anyone know who owns this car? I took a photo of it during the Forge Action Day at Castle Combe earlier in the year. It now has the chance to get into the Honda Tuners Magazine in a future issue called 'Your Cars'. So if anyone could help out that would be great...
  4. Mbk786

    Steering wheel shaking after 60MPH

    Okay so i fitted my new wheels and tyres on, got them all balanced; but my car was too low and it rubbed around corners (that was only the problem initially) so i fitted new tein springs which where a bit higher, and rubbing stopped, today i got my alignment done as it was out by loads and...
  5. A

    21 soon, best insurance company to try?

    Hey everyone, turning 21 in a month and hoping to get myself a dc5! :D just wondering where the best places are to try for insurance can't use compare sites it doesn't find the car :P I've been driving 2 and a half years with 2yrs no claims bonus, any suggestions? Thanks :)
  6. Mbk786

    Eibach Pro Kit or Tein S Tech Lowering Springs ?

    Which ones do you lot recommend ? Eibach Pro Kit or the Tein S Tech ? I believe the Eibach's are 30mm drop... The Tein S Tech are 25mm on front and 20mm on rear... After best handling. Debating which one to choose as they both the same price. Thanks.
  7. J

    "I don't even have a DC5" from Leicestershire, UK

    Hi everyone! My name is Jake and I'm from Leicestershire, UK. I've joined the forum for ideas, knowledge, chatting and banter. I'm currently still pottering about in my first car - a silver Honda Logo (GA3). It's not bad for a first car to be honest. Since it's no way near fast enough though...
  8. 1

    My Type-S from the US!

    Hey guys :xwavey: I'm a new guy here. I was trolling Tapatalk and came across this forum and figured I'd give it a go. I usually troll American Forums like K20A.Org and but I decided I'd come over here and give this forum a try. Anyways, here is my Milano Red, USDM Acura RSX...
  9. Mbk786

    Idling problem on my DC5, help ?

    Well basically, i have this idling problem in my car... I have tried everything, serviced the car, changed my oxygen sensor (as that was throwing a error light), cleaned the throttle body and idle control valve. Nothing has actually fixed it. When the car is stationary if i rev the car the...
  10. Mbk786


    I flashed on my high beams today whilst driving on about 60mph... And the car switched off and on again, all the lights came on, on the dash and went off. never happened before ?! Its stop doing it now, but it did this couple times today... any ideas ? thanks
  11. Mbk786

    Does anyone know anything about this front Splitter ?

    i came across this splitter but cant seem to find it anywhere... Does anyone have any idea where i could get it from? Thanks
  12. H

    Honda Integra Type R, DC5 - Paint Correction. Pic Heavy.

    Yo yo, Been meaning to compile this write up and images for a while now, but not had a chance, you'll see it was quite a biggy! Very picture heavy, so leave now if you've got tortoise spec internet speed. Well, I'd been planning to machine polish my Dad's C/W DC5 for quite some time and...