1. G3AR1986

    MOT Advisories

    Hi all. Had my MOT today on my 2003 Integra Type R DC5 (WH03 BKA) and got an advisory for an oil leak, but not excessive [8.4.1 (a) (i) ]. In my ownership, the car hasn't really lost much engine oil. Only required a small top-up within the last 12 months. No stains on the driveway. Just...
  2. L

    5,000 miles honda DC5 help advice needed!

    Hello, I've not long bought a genuine 5,000 miles dc5 c pack which was unregistered in the UK until I got it. I'll start with the good points first... genuine 5000 miles with certificate from Japan, even still has the same tyres from factory! Was imported into the UK in 2004 only 2 years after...
  3. I

    DC5 Gen 2 Mugen Bumper

    Best place to buy a Gen 2 Mugen bumper for the DC5? Both genuine/non genuine
  4. Jdmpart_ind

    Gruppe M/Tegiwa air intake for K20A3 Automatic

    Hi friend, I would like to buy Gruppe M / Tegiwa ram air intake for my DC5 base grade K20A3 automatic, is anyone have been used this part? Is it suitable for K20A3 automatic engine? Thanks mate!
  5. K

    Excessive tow out on dc5

    Hey everyone, I have just lowered my dc5 on buddy club n+ coilovers. I had no issues with the rears but the fronts are a different story. I lowered it by about 3 inches and now the tow out is crazy. everyone is saying I need shorter tie rods but I need longer ones because it is so towed out and...
  6. Matt @ Torque GT

    Parts, glorious parts!

    Hi everyone, I'm just here to introduce myself! I'm Matt, I work for Torque GT's Parts department. My job here for you all is to offer cracking deals on parts! We offer quality parts from across the globe, featuring brands such as Dixcel, Fujitsubo, Enkei and a huge range of Genuine Honda and...
  7. CL1_EuroR

    First world problems...

    To set the tone, I live in Ireland, and Ireland and cars in general don't get on, be it physically with the shit roads, the extortionate Insurance prices or the sheer ignorance of cars that are not marketed at the general public etc... To add to the this, I have previously owned: a minter of an...
  8. adam.

    Bilstein B14/B16 Questions

    Evening all, I'm looking at getting EP3 B14/B16's, but I need clarification on the bits needed to make them fit the DC5. I understand it's front track rod ends, and rear shims/washers for the rear control arm. Does anyone have part numbers and specs of the bits needed? The Bilstein part...
  9. T

    FN2 Seats fit a DC5?

    Couldn't find any info on this so worth a shout, does anyone know if seats from a civic type r fn2 fit into a dc5 as a straight swap? Or do they need to be modified etc? Came across a set at a decent price and like the look, theyre the same as the link below...
  10. samhalsey

    Just a quick Hello

    Hi everyone! My names Sam, From Colchester in Essex. Got my first Dc5 back in November, but i told myself i wouldn't drive it until i had sold my current car (Civic ep2). so it was sat on the driveway, taunting me. I used this time however to give the car a check over, and to be fair, its in...
  11. samhalsey

    need insurance help please!

    Hi everyone. I've been to view a couple of dc5s and will be buying one. But does anyone know why insurance companies bring up any teg reg number as a Honda accord? If I call direct, nobody seems to know what they are so try charging silly money for them. I'm under 25 so some companies i know...
  12. R

    To Keep Or Not To Keep? That is the question

    Hey Guys, When I bought my teg I was given all the original/genuine parts from factory. Radio, alloys, exhaust etc.. Since then Ive had a brand new radio, new custom exhaust and work emotion alloys installed My question is should I keep all the originals if I ever decide to sell the car...
  13. Stuarty

    Milano Red DC5 - Stage 2 Enhancement Detail

    I'm starting up a thread about my detail which is currently being carried out by Arfan at ARDetails in Paisley, Glasgow. https://www.facebook.com/ARDetails I've had the car since April of this year and even though it did clean up well after a good wash, a detail was always needed to get the...
  14. W

    Who Owns This Car? Please Help!

    Does anyone know who owns this car? I took a photo of it during the Forge Action Day at Castle Combe earlier in the year. It now has the chance to get into the Honda Tuners Magazine in a future issue called 'Your Cars'. So if anyone could help out that would be great...
  15. K

    Loads of Hondas....

    Alrite lads just signed up to get a little more info on these :) not new to honda as since I've passed my driving test I've always basically owned one,had 7 of them so far most being type r's and this might be my next one, cheers Phil
  16. Gems

    My Wedding Car :)

    Hi guys, so I got married a couple of weeks ago... I won't bore you all with the details and loads of boring pictures but did want to share a few pictures with you of the cars :) I decided from the beginning that I wanted to use my car for the wedding. Owning my own car club and my life...
  17. Mbk786

    Steering wheel shaking after 60MPH

    Okay so i fitted my new wheels and tyres on, got them all balanced; but my car was too low and it rubbed around corners (that was only the problem initially) so i fitted new tein springs which where a bit higher, and rubbing stopped, today i got my alignment done as it was out by loads and...
  18. A

    21 soon, best insurance company to try?

    Hey everyone, turning 21 in a month and hoping to get myself a dc5! :D just wondering where the best places are to try for insurance can't use compare sites it doesn't find the car :P I've been driving 2 and a half years with 2yrs no claims bonus, any suggestions? Thanks :)
  19. Mbk786

    Eibach Pro Kit or Tein S Tech Lowering Springs ?

    Which ones do you lot recommend ? Eibach Pro Kit or the Tein S Tech ? I believe the Eibach's are 30mm drop... The Tein S Tech are 25mm on front and 20mm on rear... After best handling. Debating which one to choose as they both the same price. Thanks.
  20. J

    "I don't even have a DC5" from Leicestershire, UK

    Hi everyone! My name is Jake and I'm from Leicestershire, UK. I've joined the forum for ideas, knowledge, chatting and banter. I'm currently still pottering about in my first car - a silver Honda Logo (GA3). It's not bad for a first car to be honest. Since it's no way near fast enough though...